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Tianchang China ChangCheng Glass Instrument Factory   Tianchang China ChangCheng Glass Instrument Factory is located in the scenic land of plenty Gaoyou Lake Tianchang City, Anhui, tight-Ning with high-speed, south, historical and cultural city, Nanjing, Yangzhou, east and convenient transportation. Our factory has advanced production equipment, instruments, standardized processing procedures, professional to create fine glassw...
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Contact information

Office address: TianChangShi ever FuZhongLu number 128
The factory address: TianChangShi day Yang road no. 2
League system: MiaoYuZhu
Mobile phone number: 15855090655
The telephone number: 0550-7831651/7096003
The true: 0550-7096004
Web site:
Commonly used E-mail:

Zip code: 239300
Industry service QQ: 823043315

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ASTM manufacturing standard, so2 residue tester (export quality, thickening material production)
Volumetric flask
Naphtha tester
Glass receiving tube
Surface plate
Precision rectification device
Industrial gas analyzer (1906 (671).
1901 austenitic gas analyzer
Type 1903 orsat apparatus
High-quality goods display
Solid absorber, gas absorber
Fat extractor, fat extraction apparatus
Solvent distillation head
Glass chromatography column, core filtration exchange column
Glass ampere ball
Type 1904 orsat apparatus